Global Network Connectivity with ngena

Digitization and cloud computing are key to enabling today’s processes and business, but also increase demand and need for scalable and reliable connectivity to corporate locations. The demand spans from highly geo-redundant private line connectivity for datacenters and headquarters to mobile internet connectivity for construction sites. Selecting the right access connectivity is essential to business operations. But ensuring the right global network connectivity, exploring carriers, negotiating and contracting the right Service Level Agreements, setting up network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) and managing multiple vendors globally is costly and time consuming.

Today’s businesses are highly dependent on reliable connectivity to their corporate networks.


Why ngena Secure Global Network Connectivity

ngena’s Access as-a-Service (aaS) provides you the global connectivity you require. ngena has developed a community of global carrier partners to provide you access connectivity where you need it. Utilizing our global private backbone, we can ensure fast and reliable international connectivity to connect across your sites. ngena acts as your one-stop shop for fast and reliable access connectivity, seamlessly utilizing our established carrier community. We save time and effort so you can focus on your business while we take care of all the details to provide you with the best access connectivity.

If you have already existing connectivity, ngena supports a “Bring your Own Access” (BYOA) option. ngena will perform functional testing to ensure usability, as well as 24/7 Monitoring to inform you in case of an incident. ngena´s Access as a Service always comes with configurational and functional testing and 24/7 monitoring.

ngena’s Access as a Service options meet your demand for reliable, customizable SD-WAN. ngena`s SD-WAN enables you to combine private lines with Internet access and with your own MPLS to connect your corporate network. With a variety of access technologies, we provide you with a cost-efficient access solution meeting your demand.

ngena offers Private Line connectivity via Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Virtual Private Line Service (VPLS) or utilizing your existing legacy MPLS Network. All Private Line Services will come with an SLA as well as time-to-repair (TTR) and are connected to our global backbone.

Benefits of Private Line Connectivity:

  • 100% guaranteed dedicated symmetrical bandwidth
  • Connected to ngena global backbone
  • Highly reliability with SLA and TTR
  • Option of for physical geo redundant connectivity

ngena also offers Internet access connectivity

Options are Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) lines for guaranteed bandwidth and comes with a SLA, Broadband solutions like SDSL, ADSL or Ethernet First Mile to provide most cost-effective connectivity. For mobile service points and backup, ngena also provides mobile internet access with LTE enabled by at least 2 mobile carriers per country.

Direct Internet Access:
- High reliability with SLA and TTR
- Guaranteed dedicated symmetrical bandwidth
- High Bandwidth Option 1GE+

Internet Broadband Solutions:
- Cost effective
- Option for SLA and TTR
- Guaranteed minimum Bandwidth

Mobile Internet Solutions:
- Best Option to provide redundancy for fixed lines
- Always selects mobile network with best coverage
- Secured: can be only used with dedicated device

ngena private Backbone and SASE POP infrastructure

To interconnect our customers through our ngena SASE POPs, we have built a resilient and high-performance global private backbone; Class of Service (CoS) options and Quality of Service (QoS) based routing guarantees efficient, stable and performant data transport.

  • Immediate global reach
  • Rigorous governance
  • Security
  • Monitored 24 x 7
  • Reduced CapEx/OpEX
  • Network View
  • Network Simplification



ngena acts as your one-stop shop for fast and reliable access connectivity

We save time and effort so you can focus on your business while we take care of all the details to provide you with the best access connectivity and other services.

The 7 pillars of our portfolio provide a pragmatical and intuitive view of the different capabilities digitization deals with, all offered as-a-service: