Cisco Meraki

ngena has now extended its leading platform capabilities to best support large network deployments with less complex requirements, e.g. often seen for branch offices in retail businesses, or even in supporting employees working from home. Therefore, ngena has added Cisco´s Meraki technology to its service portfolio and offers easy to deploy and manage basic SD-WAN services with leading edge security features at an attractive price point.

Cisco Meraki network technology

With adding Meraki technology to its platform approach ngena is adding important further functionalities to the portfolio:

  • ngena is offering the leading WiFi and switching capabilities of Meraki to allow a consistent management of the network across different network domains (LAN and WAN) from a single cloud platform as the same time only deploying a single box for smaller branch offices or home workers.
  • Together with its partner abl, ngena is offering advanced analytics service to support multichannel marketing campaigns while leveraging abl´s Omni Channel Marketing Platform (OCMP) that monitors the customer traffic in the store, measures loyalty and tracks the success of marketing campaigns.
complete network service solution with Cisco technologies

With the addition of the Meraki SD-WAN and WiFi/switching capabilities as well as the OCMP platform to its Viptela-based SD-WAN portfolio, ngena has significantly extended its truly unique offering:

  • Cisco´s Viptela and Meraki technologies are supported by a single platform covering customer requirements from complex integration of data centers and headquarters to more simple configurations but high volumes of branch and home offices in a cost-efficient way.
  • Globally available connectivity services also supporting BYO network for all customer sites independent of chosen SD-WAN technology.
  • Fully integrated value-added services for WiFi and switching as well as for advanced analytics supporting multichannel marketing campaigns.
Cisco Meraki SDWAN solution

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