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Supporting clients in time of unprecedented business disruption

Next to the huge impact of suddenly working from home and needing to provide ad-hoc collaboration, training and support for handling the social and emotional aspects there is a simple technical challenge SD-WAN as a Service can resolve it.

74% of CFO’s interviewed intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently even after the crisis **

** Gartner:

The new ngena@home is the extension of seamless networking

Extending the existing VPN centric approach with a fully automated SD-WAN aaS, based on Cisco technologies and inclusive of local implementation, remote support and OPEX financing. Following a straight- forward color-coded installation, supported with a video walkthrough, users can connect at home as if they are working in the office.​

We provide a solution that is easy to use, comes with installation and financing and can be tried before committing to larger scale-outs as we will follow a “per site” logic for all our network extensions.​

Remote worker implementation without changing end-user devices, collaboration solutions, network configurations, security, access control and/ or applications. Without the need to implement server farms, VDI or remote desktop solutions. No need to re-train users, suffer performance impact or having to centralize internet traffic and enterprise network congestion. ​

ngena@home: Enterprise abilities and security in your house

Software VPN
Limited capabilities, lowest cost

  • Single application per device, no traffic separation
  • New network topology (new user types)
  • Reduced application performance
  • Centralized invests and setup efforts
  • Multiple devices support expensive
  • Single application profile
  • Mainly web interface
  • Limited security
  • Full centralized internet usage (no internet offloading)
  • Application needs to fit security policy
  • Decentral usage, but consolidating traffic to the office

SD-WAN with single VPN
Basic capabilities, within 2-3 weeks

  • Based on SD-WAN technology
  • No investments in hardware (aaS)
  • Fully remote managed
  • Pre-configured devices, instantly changeable
  • No changes to network topology needed
  • Enterprise grade integration
  • Multiple applications
  • Single network segment (e.g. no separate production, billing, office, …)
  • Connectivity handled outside of the device/. laptop
  • No software configuration or user interventions
  • Generic interface, no inter-application or hardware dependencies
  • No device-based restrictions (no configuration needed)
  • Simple application-based routing
  • Ability for @home internet offloading (breakout)
  • Possibility to include Access line (incl. central billing)
  • Possibility to include WiFi (basic only)

SD-WAN with multi VPN
Full capabilities, within 4-6 weeks

  • Same as the basic networking applications
  • Multiple network segments (separate production, office, etc..)
  • Increased security sets (firewall, web-security)
  • Possibility for increased internet security (e.g. zScaler)
  • Advanced application-based routing
  • Ability for regional internet breakout
  • Ability for office/ central based internet breakout
  • Possibility to include Access line (central billing)

ngena’s Connectivity as a Service platform

was designed to enable business customers on their digital journey to the cloud. For this journey business customers can take very different routes, but all will include secure access to private and public laaS and SaaS clouds as well as to central, branch and even home offices. The ngena platform provides integrated, fully automated, highly flexible, secure and easy to use connectivity services to any location in the world to support these different uses cases comprehensively.

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