Software-Defined Networking – A new way to build your global network

Welcome to the new world of deploying global networks – welcome to ngena SD-WAN-as-a-Service! You want to learn more about the technology we are using and what benefits it can bring to your company? Then click on the arrows below and make yourself familiar with the concept of SD-WAN.

Our unique selling points ngena’s uniqueness at a glance

Outstanding customer experience

Outstanding customer experience

  • Global reach & local care delivered by 20+ leading telecommunication providers in 200 territories around the world
  • Outstanding network quality with end-to-end service and quality levels – performant, reliable and easy to scale
  • Unsurpassed security for mission-critical applications
  • Maximum network availability through redundant platform infrastructure

Greater agility & innovation

Greater agility & innovation

  • Rapid deployment and fast roll-out of global networks in weeks rather than months
  • Fully automated with seamless end-to-end processes via a single, central portal
  • Rapid and continuous development of
    new Virtual Network Services (NFV) and features – rolled-out with the click of a mouse
  • Fast innovation cycles thanks to 100% Software-Defined Network technologies based on a virtualisation architecture.

Fully managed services

Fully managed services

  • Fully managed SD-WAN service will free up your IT departments from multi-provider management
  • Reduce staff costs by up to 60-75% by minimizing network management overheads
  • End-to-end customer network management with service updates in near real time
  • Let ngena run your network… while you run your business

Optimal price-performance ratio

Optimal price-performance ratio

  • Cost-effective hybrid Ethernet / Internet connections instead of costly MPLS line
  • Replace your costly security and network acceleration hardware with ngena’s inbuilt Virtual Network Functions (VNF)
  • Save costs on maintenance, contract costs, configuration and change management
  • Cut your Total Cost of Ownership by 30% and more with our fully managed service
What differentiates us from our competitors

Today, there is a huge range of different SDN solutions on the market. Almost every telco and even many System Integrators claim to be able to deliver SD-WAN services to their customers. But when you look at the details, you often find huge differences in their offerings: some providers just offer hardware, and customers need to manage the networks themselves. Others just offer an SD-WAN overlay to your existing legacy networks, increasing complexity and maybe even costs. And almost all available solutions on the market fail to deliver a fully-managed service that includes connectivity and comes with a truly global reach.

How ngena compares to:

Classical SD-WAN infrastructure providers
SD-WAN service providers
System Integrators & IT solution providers
Regional Telecommunications providers
Global Telecommunications providers offering managed SD-WAN services
How we are unique
Technology platform and access designs

Our global technology platform – running state-of-the-art Cisco-Viptela technology in data centers strategically located worldwide – is a unique infrastructure, specifically devised to offer multinational companies the benefits of high quality, enterprise-grade VPN services. Click on the links below to see how we built an industry-proven platform you can fully rely on.

ngena Portfolio The big picture

Take a look at our “big picture” portfolio infographic and discover the services and key features that ngena’s SD-WAN-a-as-Service can offer your business.


ngena’s global backbone and hub infrastructure

ngena provides a fully-managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service that is available via ngena’s global platform and backbone as well as our alliance partners’ local access networks in 200 territories worldwide.


Learn more about our unique SD-WAN offering and the way, ngena and its alliance partners deliver best-in-class corporate network services. Find additional resources like Whitepapers and Common Questions here, to help you understand, why ngena’s SD-WAN-as-a-Service is the right solution for your enterprise!

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