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Enterprises today are facing a huge range of challenges as digitalization, globalization and new IT solutions call for innovative network solutions. Companies need to interconnect sites and workforces around the globe with greater flexibility and agility than ever before. New cloud-based applications are driving demand for greater connectivity and higher bandwidths with premium network performance and security.

To offer a solution that can overcome these customer challenges, leading telecommunication providers from around the world have joined forces in a shared economy model to build the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance: ngena.

Founded in early 2016, ngena provides a global platform that merges the local networks of all our alliance partners, forming a single Software-Defined Network (SDN). Leveraging the advantages of virtualization technology and automation, ngena facilitates a flexible end-to-end configuration and provisioning of all services, thereby enabling local alliance partners to deliver consistent data connectivity services to their enterprise customers on a global scale.


Founded 2016
Headquartered Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
Further offices Debrecen (Hungary) & Košice (Slovakia)






Data Center Hubs
(planned & realized)


Backbone miles
(planned & realized)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ngena’s business model work?

What is ngena?

ngena is an acronym that stands for “Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance”, an alliance of global telecommunications companies. At the same time, it is the company name of ngena GmbH, which is a private limited company (GmbH), headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

What kind of service does ngena offer?

ngena provides a central cloud platform that merges the local networks of 20+ alliance partners, forming a single global Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). All ngena partners can deliver performant IP-VPN services to their end customers on a global scale. With this, enterprise customers enjoy a fully-managed, global network service that is secure, stable, scalable and easy to use. And additionally to that, they also profit from local access and local customer care.

Who are ngena’s alliance partners?

ngena has established an alliance comprising many of the world’s leading telecommunication companies. So far, ngena has seen 20+ strong international partners around the globe joining the alliance. Founded by Deutsche Telekom, CenturyLink, Reliance Jio and SK Telecom, the alliance has now grown to include a number of new telecom partners such as A1, Altice with SFR and Portugal Telecom, British Telecom, China Unicom, Expereo, KPN, MTN, Neutrona, StarHub, Sunrise, Telus, PCCW Global, VEON and Viettel, along with technology partners Cisco, Comarch and Equinix.

Each alliance partner has a unique positioning in its region and vast experience with enterprise customers. Through these partnerships, ngena clients profit from a global network that is not just secure, but also provides exceptional coverage and outstanding local services in each region.

In which territories are ngena’s services available?

As customers of the ngena alliance partners are multinational enterprises that have operations around the world, ngena can offer global data connectivity services that pave the way for a truly globalized economy. Currently, ngena offers its services in ca. 200 territories worldwide.

How will ngena provide its services?

By using latest Cisco/Viptela-based SDN technologies and an innovative, Cloud-based Business and Operations Support System (BOSS) developed by Comarch, ngena integrates all of its alliance partners’ local networks into a globally available Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). Leveraging the advantages of virtualization technology and automation, ngena facilitates a flexible end-to-end configuration and provisioning of all services.

As ngena’s portfolio is a wholesale offer for its alliance partners, enterprise customers deal directly with their trusted local service provider – an ngena alliance partner – who configures and administers the customer network via ngena’s BOSS portal.

This central portal serves as a front-end that lets alliance partners access an end-to-end automated IT platform offering and delivering the global network solutions. The portal enables the configuration, fulfillment and assurance of global network services with all financial, logistics and support processes.

For each customer site, alliance partners can offer a choice of single or redundant low-cost Internet lines, single or redundant high-quality Ethernet lines or a combination of Internet and Ethernet lines. Additional value-added services such as network optimization or security services are also available via ngena’s central portal.

How does ngena differ from other SD-WAN providers?

ngena comes with a unique combination of

  1. an innovative alliance’s operating model,
  2. the integration of all partners’ local networks into a single global SD-WAN,
  3. the use of latest Cisco/Viptela technology and end-to-end automated service orchestration,
  4. a central portal supporting all business and operational processes

… all with the aim of increasing your business agility.

Unlike all other solutions on the market, ngena offers a fully-managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service that provides enterprises with all the components needed to run a global network. This includes not only the network underlay with access lines via Internet, Ethernet, MPLS or mobile lines, but also management of the SDN overlay including all necessary hardware (CPEs) and additional Virtual Network Functions. We also manage the entire network for you so, should an issue arise, our pro-active monitoring solutions and incident management tools will detect and resolve the problem even before you realize it!

Our strategy centers on the principle of a single-source supplier, making our customers’ lives all the more convenient: “You order your network… we run it for you!”

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