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Simplify secure connectivity with ngena 

All networks running today want to stay ahead of security threats that continue to be a menace to any enterprise or organization’s network and secured cloud connectivity. SD-WANs allow for more scalability and secure cloud connectivity than previous WAN technology allowed. In a way, SD-WAN was born out of a need to handle the challenges of enterprise networking that move application workloads and the megaliths of data from data centers to various hybrid cloud environments more efficiently. 

Previous WAN technology often had to backhaul all traffic and data to data centers and then get rerouted to cloud applications which resulted in more opportunities for hacking, increased MPLS costs, bandwidth issues, increased latency in workloads, and overall poor user experience when accessing networks with spotty secure connectivity services. Secure cloud and remote connectivity remain top of mind in a world where consumers  demand 24 hours, 365 network access to whatever app they are using without breaks in continuity, or even worse, errors.

Add on top of that continuity and bandwidth risks in the realm of secure connectivity , a network expertise talent shortage, the trends of demand for more sustainable technology, and the need to shorten the route of data for any given application with secure remote connectivity and especially for remote, thus  SD-WAN was born.

According to a recent Gartner report, by 2025, 80% of enterprises will have adopted a strategy to unify web, cloud services, and private application access from a single vendor’s security service edge (SSE) platform.

Scalability is the key to hybrid cloud network optimization

Networks require scalability along with a simple way to manage all aspects of a network which employees, the public, vendors, customers, you name it, all could have access to any given network any time of day from any location in the world.

With the massification of new technology based in the cloud these days, unfathomable amounts of data are pushed through hybrid cloud environments on any given day on a global scale. Its getting more difficult for humans alone to keep of where holes might be able to allow access where you don’t want it to go. We hear the word scalability thrown around a lot especially in the world of hybrid cloud, but what does it mean? And how is it tied to the need for fortified security of any cloud dependent network?

As most businesses and organizations depend on both private and public cloud environments to store and manage these massive amounts of data, cloud network scalability refers to the ability of a cloud service providers (CSP) to manage the increase or decrease of the number of networking resources available to working applications as required. The idea of scalability is relevant to SD-WAN  and secure connectivity meaning in general that scale revolves around cloud-based networking systems which must be able to support new and more demanding workloads and access while simultaneously maintaining the required performance levels. 

The unscaled network cannot keep pace with today’s demands of enterprise digital transformation strategy in action. There are many factors putting strain on today’s enterprise networks including holding enough scalable bandwidth and continuity to handle remote and highly distributed secure connectivity for employees, global teams, hybrid branch offices, and business critical applications, workloads, and resources which are spread across data centers, often migrating into complex public and private cloud landscapes. Connecting all this with security requires a network architecture that bring more scalability to where it’s needed with continuous availability and the agility to scale on demand.

What is connectivity as a Service without security in the relatively new era of Secure Access Service Edge and SD-WAN technology? Enter software-defined networking, or SD-WAN from the experts at ngena. Our multi-tech SD-WAN solutions blaze a trail for modernizing WANs to meet the security challenges of the Cloud era in a secure connectivity package, all as a Service. Zero-touch deployments, centralized management and orchestration, as well as access to real-time insights and analytics are all transformative benefits delivered by our SD-WAN based platform .connect.

At ngena, our expert engineers have built a global end-to-end platform that delivers SD-WAN as a Service, with no need for costly expenses on additional equipment, complex and long upgrade projects, or risky downtime and migrations. ngena gives you turnkey network modernization in a fully operational service that flexible, scalable, and simple to use.

SASE takes secure connectivity to the Edge

But SD-WAN modernization was just the beginning for ngena as a secure connectivity as a Service company long before Gartner coined the term Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in 2019, then it became an acronym the entire networking industry began to use. At ngena, we have engineered SASE into our global platform since our founding before the term SASE became a common acronym.

As a secure connectivity company, our hubs come as secure Edge solutions with the zero-touch deployment capabilities and zero-trust network access embedded. The cloud-based .connect platform offers access to several choice products that will work on your existing technology, all in an “as a Service” package. Combined with end-to-end processes and globally automated and orchestrated. In this way we say that we have been “SASE” from the start.

As exciting as SD-WAN and SASE as a Service are, these definitions do not encompass the complete set of secure connectivity-based solutions ngena delivers. With a full suite of managed services, we cover everything within the realm of secure connectivity. We make it simple to expand network access designs on a local and global scale in 2 minutes or less. ngena’s .connect can also assist in the procurement and provisioning of CPEs and connect them to complex multi-Cloud environments.

What is Secure Connectivity as a Service from ngena comprised of? It is a comprehensive overlay of multi-tech SD-WAN and SASE-based products to fit your unique needs as stand alone or in hybrid combinations or both, depending on the needs of your network and your future goals. Additional services are also available such as Wi-Fi, and additional services to help optimize the entire life cycle of your network from ngena experts.

ngena architecture was built with end-to-end security protection that leverages zero trust, on-prem, and cloud-based security. Our technology is suitable for all possible secure connectivity challenges, across all markets, from extremely regulated environments like banks and fintech companies with specific compliance requirements, to highly dynamic enterprises with a massive remote workforce, and everything in between.

Our goal from the start with the .connect platform was to create an operational platform to enable efficiency in operations and access to empower the full life cycle of any network, regardless of the size, with our easy network quote tool, QuickSizer, added in to simplify managed secure connectivity for all businesses on a global scale.

Secure connectivity from ngena also includes complete coverage of the networking underlay, with options for broadband, MPLS, cellular LTE connectivity, and mixtures of both. You can even bring your existing lines into the ngena platform without any disruption to service in most cases.

The underlay and overlay are united by the ngena .connect operational platform, which automates thousands of manual tasks associated with network management and provides a singular mission control  central for orchestration of WAN resources across any network’s fabric.

These capabilities combined with a global cloud-based network of ngena hubs were created within the operational aspects of .connect to offer simplified connectivity and our full suite of managed services, all delivered 100% as a Service, to make ngena a truly full-service end-to-end solution for SD-WAN, SASE, as well as Wi-Fi, CloudEdge, and Access solution to keep your network strong , scalable, and simple to operate expand, and maintain.

In this way ngena continues the mission of simplifying secure connectivity services by offering an easier way to manage networks and position your business as a partner or reseller of unbeatable secure connectivity in this hybrid cloud era.

Gain simplicity with scalable and affordable secure connectivity 

We recognize that enterprises, companies, and organizations all may have different needs, but when it comes to their networks, any-sized business can benefit from networks designed using our innovative tools.

Just some of the benefits of working with the experts at ngena include:

  • Immediate access to .connect to manage the full lifecycle of your network.
  • Multi-tech compatibility and adaptive global and local connectivity.
  • Security at every level of network connectivity
  • Build and deploy access points through automation in minutes.
  • Highly affordable network connectivity in an “as a service” model.
  • Relieves the lack of need for highly skilled network employees.
  • One single point of visibility to oversee the lifecycle of any network.

ngena zerotouch deployment enforces secure connectivity

We started with four common aspects of network operations in mind , namely Select, Enhance, Deploy, and Operate, when we created the initial design and considered the functional simplicity of .connect as a single source of operational control. After creating a network design with ease via QuickSizer within .connect, you can then deploy network access with SASE built right into our scalable, multi-tech SD-WAN enterprise-enabled solutions.

With QuickSizer, choose access points, hardware, security, bring your own (BYO) access, licenses, and service agreements and get scalable network access points deployed in minutes. Compare different technology options and add-ons to decide the best fit and obtain accurate quotes within minutes. Modify  your access design(s) and save it for later to easily expand your customized requirements at your convenience.

If you prefer to use existing technology, ngena offers “bring your own” compatibility with multiple technologies. Through QuickSizer you can enhance, modify and update your network design for maximum flexibility, adaptability , and scalability and verify your security access points with ease.

All fulfillment and logistics of our available solutions are supported by ngena. Our dynamic .connect gives you real-time visibility through every phase of deployments, worldwide with visual guides. CPEs are automatically configured with zero- touch deployment as soon as they are turned on. Quick, new site integration with your existing SD-WAN infrastructure occurs within minutes, not hours or days.

With .connect, operations is simplified via auto monitored network health which can quickly identify and correct any problems and send alerts if there are any issues on your network. Stay ahead of potential outages with our AI-integrated monitoring and alerts to easily track global SLA requirements. Online troubleshooting and resolutions are readily available for quick course correction.

Take the complexity out of the secure connectivity equation for your networks simply, reliably, and affordably with ngena. It’s that easy!

Try Quicksizer today and get started!