GlobalData analyzes ngena

Dec 6, 2017

GlobalData analyzes T-System’s Smart SD-WAN offering “powered by ngena”

GlobalData, a UK-based research and market analyst firm (, published two new reports in September and October on the latest SD-WAN offering launched by German telecommunication provider Deutsche Telekom (see launch press release here).

The first report, written by GlobalData’s Senior Analyst Ian Grant, is titled “T-Systems Pivots on SD-WAN in Response to Customer Demand in Unexpected places” and analyses the opportunities T-Systems is realizing from offering their first software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) product called “Smart SD-WAN powered by ngena” to their local markets.

The report states that the SD-WAN offer has seen a high response from different customer segments: not only international midsize customers, which T-Systems initially planned to focus on, but existing large multinationals are also interested in this innovative VPN offer.

GlobalData analyst Grant states: “Whereas several of T-Systems’ competitors have launched SD-WAN products, the German firm has gone a step further. It has lined up more than ten like-minded operators under the ngena Alliance, that should rival many competitors for geographic coverage”. And he continues: “ngena has generated strong interest among T-Systems’ existing customer base”.

In his report, the author also gives some recommendations for vendors and users alike. The GlobalData analyst gives the advice that “T-Systems should encourage prospects to experiment with Smart SD-WAN” and they “should show how customers can use SD-WAN to address key applications, such as IoT deployments, unified communications, enterprise mobility and “pop-up” branches”.
A key take away for end-users, the author is recommending that they “should at least test what SD-WAN technology can do for them”, and buyers, “especially those with overseas business should test the development of the ngena alliance to see how well it matches their own footprint, and what opportunities it might unlock for expansion”.

In a second report titled “T-Systems Propels Itself to New Heights in the Global WAN Relevance Chart with ‘Smart SD-WAN powered by ngena’ Launch” from September 2017, GlobalData analyst Joel Stradling offers a comprehensive overview of the strengths and concerns he sees for the new offering. Stradling states, that the “alliance concept gives comprehensive global reach, whilst an attention to quality engineering on a mainly Cisco platform gives high reliability and trust.” And he adds: “The message that networks can be set up quickly leveraging both Internet links and dedicated circuits is compelling.”

You can access both reports on a dedicated T-Systems Smart SD-WAN landing page or download the September report here and the October report here.

The author

Jörg Wassink

From August 2017 until June 2019, Jörg was the Head of Marketing at Frankfurt-based telecommunications start-up ngena, the ‘Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance’, where he is responsible for building a global brand for the international telco alliance. Before joining ngena, he worked as Head of Communications Central Europe at British Cloud software vendor Sage Group plc for more than 10 years. From 2004 to 2007 he acted as Director Internal & External Communications at British telco operator COLT Telecom. Jörg, who holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Comparative Literature, started his career as a journalist for the German IT-business magazine iCONOMY. 

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