Why global enterprises should innovate with Managed WAN.

May 12, 2020

Software Defined Network for Enterprises: Why global enterprises should innovate with Managed WAN.

Stepping into the modern digital age, the way of connecting with the world is continuously transforming, with managed WAN being one of its latest innovations. Software Defined Networking WANs or SD-WANs are quickly replacing the traditional Wide Area Networks as more and more organizations, and enterprises realize the need to rethink networking for the cloud.

But what’s the hype all about? Are SD-WANs really transforming the networking sector?
And if yes, then how?

Explore why Software-Defined Networking WANs are better, their ecosystem, and what business value they hold.

What is SD-WAN and why is it better?

SD-WAN is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to utilize a combination of network services. This includes MLPS, LTE, and broadband internet services to securely connect users to applications.

managed WAN

managed WAN for enterprises

With managed WAN (Wide Area Network, Wikipedia), enterprises can achieve increased network agility by decreasing configuration steps. This simplification is done through programmability and automation. Software Defined networking also improves performance by leveraging various network paths.

This results in faster, more efficient broadband connections. As well as cost-effective relationships by eliminating reliance on expensive MPLS connections to remote sites. It reduces costs by providing highly optimized, multi-point connectivity solutions, using distributed, private data traffic exchange and control points to grant users secure local access to required services. It also allows the scalability of connectivity for business when needed.

Cost reduction.

Over the past few years, SD-WAN has gained popularity at a rapid pace in networking. SDN technology is innovating how connectivity and networks are established. It has provided better performance metrics along with additional layers of security

The SDN technology is working on replacing expensive MLPs networks with cost-effective and efficient internet network circuits. This change drives efficiency and networking teams and enterprises. Now technology departments are under immense pressure to continuously provide high flexibility, availability, secure solutions, and meet the ongoing increasing demands for bandwidth.

Furthermore, budget restrictions are a challenge for enterprises and organizations. So they are looking eagerly to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With centralized management, flexibility, and diagnostics, tech experts and IT professionals are easily won over. SD-WAN is most importantly decoupling the hardware from the network with a centralized cloud-based mechanism. Several operations of the system can also be managed fully on the cloud, allowing support personnel to maintain a network and devices from anywhere.

The business value of SDN.

SDN is a new way of approaching enterprise networking. The approach simplifies the IT environment and process, in exchange for reduced costs and efficiency. For enterprises, SDN holds significant business value. It can contribute to and assist organizations in managing networks. An SDN has the following characteristics.

  • The fundamental characteristic of SDN is plane separation.
  • SDN provides simple centralized device control.
  • SDN supports network automation and visualization.
  • Uses protocols to connect forwarding and control planes.

Software Defined Networking- SDWAN

All of the characteristics of SDN are tailored to the data center, the beginning of SDN. One of the most significant enablers of SDN is the transition of control of networks from the legacy interface to modern, accessible interfaces like NetConf/Yang and Rest. Vast software libraries and support these current interfaces adapters. These libraries result in simplified programmatic control of networks. Enterprise SDN is more about just separation and control data. It is a new way of approaching networking.

By using automated updates and features to enable rapid development and final deployment, SDN is transforming the network infrastructure. With SDN IT, leaders and personnel can meet demanding goals to satisfy their customers and keep their organizations happy. This all in all is the real business value of an SDN solution and what draws enterprises and IT experts towards it.

Why you should start thinking to move to a fully managed WAN

The SD-WAN solutions provide faster connections, high availability, better flexibility, more top performance metrics, and additional layers of security in a legacy router environment. Furthermore, with managed WAN, your enterprise can see drastic cost reductions in MLPs as well. SD-WAN solutions prove more efficient, cost-effective, and an excellent investment for any organization and enterprise. Therefore, if you are considering making the switch, then waste no time and go for SD-WAN for an overall better network experience.

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